Setting up an innovation center

Concept development & implementation support at the start of an innovation initiative

What is it about

Düsseldorf, Berlin, München, Mülheim, Köln, Bielefeld - in many big as well as small cities there are innovation initiatives with different focus. The approach is clear: Innovation means progress and progress as well as innovation strengthen a location.

Corresponding initiatives fail in many places whereas in other places it works well. Why is that? What makes innovation incubators to a successful and sustainable initiative? 

Individual regional and local location factors, a target-oriented specialized direction as well as supporting services require a customized concept that is focussed on the goals. Without a specific focus and target group orientation many MeToo-projects that only read well, fail. Learnings from successful and failed projects help evaluating the concept.

Our experienced experts support you to design such an initiative precisely, to define success parameters and to identify and convince the necessary stakeholders.

Innovation needs a leader and a suitable space for development. Let's tackle it together!

The most important
at a glance


Setting up an innovation incubator for cities and municipalities with focus on digitals, media, games, innovation and start-ups.

Who for

This format is addressed to:

  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Associations
  • Business combinations


  • Workshop with our experts as driving force
  • Qualitative interviews with the target group and stakeholders incl. evaluations
  • Perfect analysis of (regional & local as well as physical) location factors


You will get a concept that considers your target group and location factors (regional, local, physical). With our significant result- and recommendation report you will have everything you need in order to convince internal and external stakeholders.

Any questions?

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