Coaching and mentoring

Support of people, teams and departments on their way to change

What is it about

Every team- and staff development requires clearly defined goals and implementation support. As well internal as also external support can be helpful.

Coaches and mentors offer you necessary experience and support for achieving your personal and entrepreneurial goals. Our experts will support you individually with matching impulses.

The most important
at a glance


Our experts provide comprehensive knowhow for your innovation processes. This also includes the transmission and training of the necessary methods competence. We will support you on your way whether as an impluse generator, mentor or as sparring partner.

Who for

The format is addressed to:

  • Departments
  • Teams (primarily HR)
  • Managers


  • Introduction to the topic and impulses with best practice examples
  • Workshop together with experts
  • Coaching and mentoring of people, teams and departments


  • Giving impulses: New point of views and approaches in order to push you forward
  • Paving the way: Moderation and sustainable planning of your development
  • Mentorship: Support and optimization of processes of teams and individuals. Analysis of your challenges and potentials


With our help your new innovation process is arranged tangibly and sustainably. Whether it is about individuals, teams or projects, we will support you with our expertise, finding solutions to deal with your challenge, choose the matching format for our support and help you with your futher development.

Any questions?

Contact us. We are looking forward to answer all your questions.