Gamify Your Business

Initial consultation regarding the potentials of Gaming & Gamification in your company 

What is it about

The driving force behind innovation is motivation. 

Gaming is one of the most efficient triggers and able to create a motivating environment. However, outside the gaming industry this potential often remains unused. 

In our workshop “Gamify Your Business” we show you the potential of Gaming & Gamification for your company and your needs.  

We show you how technologies, methods and formats from the gaming industry promote and push the cooperation and innovation in your organisation.  


The most important
at a glance


What is Gamification and how can you use it in a targeted manner to promote the innovation? How can you make innovation from the games industry usable for your environment? 

Who for

The format is suitable for the initial consultation of: 

  • Companies
  • Cities & communities
  • NGOs


  • Introduction with best-practice examples
  • Workshop with our experts for new impulses
  • Group work for the transmission of newly gained knowledge to the own organisation


The outcome is a significant result- and recommendation report for internal and external stakeholders 

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