Gamify Your Department

Initial consultation to potentials of Gaming & Gamification with special focus on your departments, teams and organisation units. 

What is it about

Optimizing products and processes, involving clients and employees or findingnew ideas for burning challenges are daily business for managers. The ways of cooperation changes, collaboration, user centering and business cases will be the focus of all considerations. The possibilities of Gaming & Gamification reach far beyond the familiar. That is how you can score at the production line, starting from employer branding and in the War of Talents up to hard KPI.

In our initial consultation “Gamify your Department” we will show you which best practice has shown positive and negative aspects, set impulses and create your idea potential.  

Together we will work on a strategy, tailored to your individual departments in  order to establish topics, optimize processes, change attitudes, ground knowledge and enhance competencies.

The most important
at a glance


What is Gamification and how can you use it in a targeted manner in your departments? How can you make innovation usable from the games industry for your department? 

Who for

The format is suitable for all departments. No matter whether for scientific work or production and manufacture. 


  • Human Ressources
  • Production
  • Payroll
  • Administration
  • Human Resources Development
  • Recruiting
  • Organisation development
  • Research & Development
  • and many more


  • Introduction with best-practice examples
  • Workshop with our experts for new impulses
  • Group work for the transmission of the newly gained knowledge to the own organisation


The outcome is a significant result- and recommendation report in order to promote innovations, engagement, motivation and collaborations in your  departments playfully. 

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