Hack and master challenges together objectively 

What is it about

Often one is too stuck in the action – challenges cannot be simply assessed objectively any longer. For the right solution approach, impartial fresh input is missing as well as a clear view of things. 

With a Hackathon we support you to solve your subject-blindness in a playful way. In small creative groups and relaxed atmosphere we will hack your challenges together.

The most important 
at a glance


You are stuck in your process? Your framework conditions prevent implementing desired solution? Let’s hack it. 

Who for

The format is suitable for: 

  • Companies
  • Departments
  • Teams
  • Cities
  • Associations


  • Planning and events of a Hackathon at your premises
  • Acquisition of suitable participants (internal and external)
  • Mentoring by experts who give you support and impulses.
  • Presentation of the ideas to the shareholders


Within two days we will develop creative solution approaches for your challenges in small groups. The ideas will be presented to the shareholders in the form of a pitch. 

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