Innovation Think-Tanks

Targeted development of new ideas in order to shape the future successfully. 

What is it about

Innovation does not develop by itself. Innovation demands willingness to changes and engagement as well as responsibility.  

With our innovation workshops "Think-Tank" we accompany you on your way to innovation. Focused and necessary objectivity and –if needed- with additional selected professional experts from quite different rather than obvious disciplines. 


The most important
at a glance


How do we develop ideas and innovations in order to master our challenges? 

Who for

The format is suitable for all those who want to implement something in their field of work. 


  • Moderated innovation workshops in small groups
  • Impulse by experts of different disciplines
  • Methods from gaming, gamification, serious gaming and many more


We will bring you together with experts who promote your process sustainably. In small groups we will develop your understanding for the way towards. We will moderate the way and bring our ideas together. 

Any questions?

Contact us. We are looking forward to answer all  your questions.