Fusion Campus

The new support programme bringing start-ups and the industry together.

Gaming goes Industry.
We match industry & start-ups.

Your start-up wants to revolutionize the business world with gaming knowledge?
Apply for our start-up accelerator now! (The application deadline for the current batch just expired. But feel free to register your interest for the next batch)

You want to benefit from the knowledge of a billion-dollar industry as a company?
You do not want to leave innovation and development of your company to chance?
Get on board as corporate partner of the accelerator!

Companies benefit from the agility and innovative strength of young companies. Start-ups benefit from the direct feedback of their target groups and the exchange with experienced experts in the gaming industry.

Connecting industries, people and mindsets 

Fusion Campus brings the highly innovative gaming industry and other sectors of the economy together. It creates synergies and promotes the innovative strengths of all participants.  

  • Economy & Industry
  • Young Researchers & Talents
  • Gaming industry
  • Education & Science

Information for start-ups at a glance

Start-ups and founding teams: You have a business idea and finally want to get started? Your start-up is already on the starting blocks, however, you are in need of mentoring, coaching, pitch-training and feedback on your business idea? Including direct contacts to the industry? Then apply now for our accelerator programme.

What to expect:

  • Workshops, mentoring & feedback on your ideas to make products a success quickly
  • Co-Working Flexdesks in the offices of Fusion Campus in Düsseldorf - in the same building as Ubisoft Blue Byte
  • Contact and exchange with experienced entrepreneurs and games experts
  • A starting budget of 5.000 Euros if you can secure a place in our accelerator
  • The chance for a winner bonus of a 20.000 Euros for further development of the project for the winning team of the batch

What to bring:

  • You have a business idea that uses technologies, innovations or approaches from the gaming sector (e.g. gamification, serious games, VR/XR/AR, simulations,...)
  • You would like to direct your innovative solution to companies (in the future)
  • Your start-up has already been founded or is about to being established
  • Your team consist of at least two people
  • You bring the necessary time and motivation to participate actively in our accelerator programme in Düsseldorf

Interested? Here's how you can become part of it...

The application deadline for the first batch has already expired. Information on the next batch will follow. However, if you are interested in the Startup Programme, please contact Sophie (Accelerator Manager) by email. That way we can keep you updated on the programme and other offers for start-ups by email or Sophie can invite you to a first online meeting to tell you more about the accelerator:

Become a corporate partner of the Fusion Campus Accelerator

Accreditation of the start-ups

A jury of interdisciplinary experts evaluate the applicants.

Programme of several months

The selected start-ups are supported for developing their business idea.

Feedback & Networking

Contact and exchange between entrepreneurs of the gaming industry and experienced companies.

Level up!
This is how the economy benefits

Whoever thinks of game consoles only when it comes to gaming has not yet recognized the potential of this billion-dollar market. Economy and industry can benefit in many ways from technologies and methods used in the gaming industry. This is what the accelerator programme of Fusion Campus supports particularly.
As a corporate partner you can benefit from the developments of participating start-ups in the following sectors.

Interactive training & employer branding
Integration tests & process optimization
Use of AR, VR and XR technologies
Use of eSports in recruiting
Gamification in industrial production
Analysis of user behavior
Gamified knowledge management
Promote machine learning in a playful way
Promotion of motivation and engagement

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Have we caught your interest?

Sophie is happy to answer all questions concerning start-ups and potential corporate partners.